Mission Statement

We like what we do and we enjoy working together as a team. Providing translating and interpreting services is not only our way to earn a living, but also a source of fulfilment. This gives us a natural motivation to offer top-quality services to our customers, to provide professional translations and to procure reliable interpreters –because we take pride and pleasure in what we are doing!

We are also aware that everything you do can always be done better still. This is why we are continuously developing the range of services we offer and ourselves. We rely on long-term relationships based on fairness and mutual respect when it comes to both our collaborators and our customers. We see ourselves as a flexible, proactive, reliable partner in the sphere of professional translating & interpreting.


Alice RABL, Mag.phil., born in 1965; managing director & translator; joined All Languages in 1987
Qualifications: University of Vienna/Translation Studies (English & French), court interpreter for English; specialises in translations in the following fields: law, business, finance, medicine, lighting technology; staunch team player
Other enthusiasms: love, my two sons, my friends, opera/theatre/film/contemporary dance, play-acting, Argentine tango, reading, playing the piano, mountain hiking.

Motto: “Be fearlessly authentic”

Andrea WOLZT, Mag.phil., born in 1960; translator, joined All Languages in April 1995
Qualifications: University of Vienna/Translation Studies (English, Spanish); followed by a period of freelance translation work (patent law, medicine, environment); specialisms: law, environment, luminaire technology/electrical engineering;
Other: blithe spirit, self-motivation expert; varied interests (NLP, certified Pilates trainer, salsa dancing), teamwork enthusiast.

Motto: “Life is a treasure box.“

Eva NOVAK, Mag.phil., born in 1966; translator, joined All Languages in November 1998
Qualifications: University of Vienna/Translation Studies (English, Italian), worked several years as a freelance translator with a focus on natural sciences and engineering; particularly tenacious (and for the most part successful) researcher in translation matters
Hobbies: literature, travelling (Scandinavia enthusiast), culinary experiments;

Motto: “No risk, no fun.”

Johanna WIESINGER, BA, born in 1989; translator, joined All Languages in July 2015
Qualifications: currently doing her master's degree course in translation studies (English, French) at the Centre for Translation Studies of Vienna University; distinguishes herself through a high level of language proficiency, a readiness of mind and a veritable "hawk's eye" when it comes to proofreading, not to mention her extremely amiable nature
Hobbies: fixed rope routes, mounting climbing, friends and family, gaming nights, reading, the movies

Motto: "Everyone has their own story"

Pro­ject­ Ma­nage­ment

Gabriele ERNST, born in 1963; project manager, joined All Languages in October 1986
Qualifications: commercial college graduate, various training courses and seminars in the sphere of office organisation / project management; an "old hand" in the best sense of the word; learned her trade from scratch and knows the way the cookie crumbles; patience, accuracy & resilience are among her most outstanding strong points.
Preferred way of concluding a successful workday: a night out at the theatre or cinema.

Motto: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

Karin MELZER, born in 1963, project manager, joined All Languages in 1994;
Qualifications: graduation from senior vocational school, then apprenticeship and master's certificate in the craft of woodturning; keeps cool even in times of stress;
Other: has a son :) , plays the cello, loves long walks in the woods and across meadows, likes listening to (classical) music, interested in architecture, culture, avid reader

Motto: “See, listen, taste, feel – enjoy.”

Katrin SCHNEEBERGER-DOPITA, born in 1977; project manager, joined All Languages in April 2008
Qualifications: graduation from secondary school providing general education, certified dietetic trainer, has worked in order processing/customer service since 2000; especially keen perception – no employee before her has ever been able to settle into their duties any faster; hub for IT problems; team player (19 years of team sports), stress-resistant
Leisure-time activities: dog training, sports, photography, food and cooking…

Motto: “Don’t Dream It — Be It”

Back Office

Karin ANKELE, Mag.phil., born in 1976; back office assistant, joined All Languages in February 2008;
Qualifications: studied educational science & art history, experience as senior administrative staff member in publishing
Other: cool DJane; has a little son; other interests: Hobbies: making music / playing the clarinet, art and culture, swimming, hiking

Motto: "A rolling stone gathers no moss."

Claudia Rabl, Mag.rer.soc.oec., born in 1967; joined All Languages in December 2014;
Qualifications: studied business economics at Vienna University of Economics and Business; worked in the automobile industry for 25 years, of which 20 years as managing director; takes good care of our bookkeeping and payroll accounting, and also contributes her keen sense of customer relationship management and marketing
Interests: her 4 kids, dancing, theater, her garden, the mountains and nature in general

Motto: "Che será, será"

COCO & GIZMO, Parson Russell terriers
Those two are mainly responsible for cheering up the crew, especially in the morning when they happily wag their tails at everyone by way of greeting.