All Specialisms

Over the course of time, every translator acquires technical knowledge in various areas of expertise. Apart from the language combinations offered by our collaborators, we also enter their specialisms in our database. Based on these and other criteria, we are able to select a suitable translator for every translation job. In this way, we are in a position to provide you with top quality translation services.
The following are the specialisms that we work in most frequently:

  • Law (contracts, GTC, court decisions, …)
  • Business (balance sheets, annual accounts, annual reports, …)
  • Finance (offering prospectus, …)
  • Engineering (operating instructions, product specifications, …)
  • Marketing (PR texts, brochures, …)
  • Medicine & pharmaceuticals (study protocols, SOPs, medicinal product folders, …)
  • Art & media (catalogues, exhibition texts, captions, …)

All Languages

Thanks to our international network of freelance translators, we are able to offer you translations from all languages into all languages.
Obviously, there are also certain restrictions. For instance, it may be difficult to find a translator working from an Asian language into an African one.
However, given a little time, almost anything goes! Just contact us!

Most frequently, we work in the following languages:

• Albanian • Dutch • Italian • Romanian
• Arabic• English • Japanese • Russian
• Belarussian• Estonian • Korean• Serbian
• Bosnian• Finnish • Latvian • Slovakian
• Bulgarian• Flemish • Lithuanian • Slovenian
• Chinese• French • Macedonian • Spanish
• Croatian • German • Norwegian • Swedish
• Czech • Greek• Polish • Turkish
• Danish • Hungarian • Portuguese • Ukrainian

You cannot find the language you need in this list? Call us, we can organise (almost) anything!