Our roots, our history – from 1975 until today

We respect our roots, and we also believe in the future.

The continuous further training of our in-house staff, the permanent extension of our international network of translation service providers, as well as regular investments in the respective latest technologies are defining aspects of our corporate development and run like a thread through our company’s history.

  • 2021

    Recertification & new certification

    In January, re-certification under ISO 17100 and at the same time certification under ISO 18587 'Post-editing of machine translation output' - we are responding to growing demand for this type of service from our customers - and it's always fun to acquire new skills 🙂

  • 2020

    What a year!

    Thanks to our great, loyal team and our modern IT infrastructure, we managed to cope with the challenges of the pandemic very well; we are now systematically improving our internal communication & our processes: we are even enjoying the new dynamism!

  • 2019

    And yet another re-certification audit...

    ... and a few changes within the team, some of them for private reasons - positively exciting!

  • 2017


    Early that year, our ISO 17100 certification was again confirmed for another two years.

  • 2015

    40-year anniversary of All Languages

    We celebrated the 40-year anniversary of All Languages with an Open House.

  • 2015


    On 29 January, our company was re-audited, and certification under the international ISO 17100 standard was re-confirmed for another two years.

  • 2013


    On 27 February 2013, a re-audit of our company in compliance with the international ISO 17100 standard was carried out, and our certification was re-confirmed.

  • 2012

    Our new office

    In February 2012, we moved into our new office in the 20th district of Vienna, Jägerstrasse 59-61.

  • 2011

    Open House

    In summer 2011, we organised our 2nd Open House.

  • 2011


    On 17 February 2011, certification of our company according to the international ISO 17100 standard was confirmed.

  • 2010

    Open House

    Our first Open House took place in autumn 2010.

  • 2009

    Certification pursuant to ISO 17100

    The process resulting in certification under ISO 17100, the international standard for translation services, was successfully completed in February. We have now obtained official confirmation that our translation services comply with the quality-assurance criteria set down in this standard.

  • 2008

    We are growing.

    After many years of positive business development, we grew substantially in that year: In April, Katrin Schneeberger-Dopita joined our project management team. Karin Ankele also joined us as Back Office Assistant early in 2008.

  • 2000

    Change of legal form

    In 2000, the legal form of our business was changed to that of an Austrian limited liability company (GmbH). Ever since, the name of the company has been All Languages Alice Rabl GmbH (Companies' Register no. FN 200415 d), with Alice Rabl continuing to act as managing director with sole power of representation, while also contributing her expertise to the actual translation process.

  • 1998

    New in-house translator

    The decision to hire another translator as a permanent staff member came easy, as we had already known Eva I. Novak for many years, regularly cooperating with her as a reliable technical translator for English and Italian.

  • 1994

    Changes in the team

    Late in 1994, Irene Voigt retired. --- Karin Melzer, who had formerly worked in a small handicraft business, joined our project management team at the end of 1994.

  • 1987

    The first milestone

    Soon after Ms. Alice Rabl had joined the business as a junior partner and translator for English and French in 1987, we moved to larger premises in the first district of Vienna. Already part of the team at that time: Gabriele Ernst, who has been with the company since 1986 and has played a decisive part in all major developments as project manager and office supervisor.

  • 1975

    Formation of All Languages

    We have been around since 1975! After 15 years of training and professional practice in Hamburg, Paris and the USA, the founder of the company, Irene Voigt, a graduate translator for English and French, laid the foundation for our translation agency by starting a business in the Vienna Hilton Hotel.

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