Quality management — ISO 17100 and ISO 18587

In February 2009, we obtained certification under ISO 17100, the European standard for translation services.

Every other year, we submit to a so-called re-audit to verify that we still comply with the standard. Most recently on 15 January 2019, certification of our services under this quality standard was re-audited and confirmed.

One essential aspect of standard-compliant translation services is the production of all translations by adequately qualified (usually university-trained) translators; this first step of the translation process is completed by the translators checking their own work.

The next step, the “revision”, is another obligatory part of the translation process; the reviser, who needs to be a person other than the translator, but with equivalent qualification, checks the translation for any errors or other issues, including its suitability for the respective purpose. Pertinent agreements with external collaborators, three university-trained in-house translators for English, French and Italian, as well as the comprehensive documentation of the individual steps of the translation process in our company provide for compliance with the standard – and accordingly quality assurance.

The continuous further training of our collaborators, which is another requirement of the standard, has always been a matter of course to us.

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Language Industry Certification System     Certified by Austrian Standards

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