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As an ISO-certified language service provider (ISO 17100 & ISO 18587), we provide services to clients from a wide range of industries & disciplines. Read about our quality management below:

Certification to ISO 17100

  • Selection of appropriately qualified professional translators for your project
  • Use of adequate resources & technical tools for your project
  • Compliance with the dual control principle

Certification to ISO 18587

  • Light post-editing (LPE) and full post-editing (FPE) of machine-generated translations by appropriately qualified post-editors

ISO-certified quality management
In February 2009, we obtained certification to ISO 17100, the international standard for translation services. One essential aspect of standard-compliant translation services is the production of all translations by adequately qualified (usually university-trained) translators; this first step of the translation process is completed by the translator checking their own work. The next step, the “revision”, is another obligatory part of the translation process; the reviser, who needs to be a person other than the translator, but with equivalent qualification, will check the translation for any errors or other issues. Three university-trained in-house translators cover English, French and Italian at All Languages. For all other languages, we can draw on a pool of appropriately qualified external staff. The comprehensive documentation of the individual steps of the translation process in our company provides for standard compliance – and accordingly quality assurance.

Continuous further training
The continuous further training of our collaborators, which is another requirement of the standard, has always been a matter of course to us.

Every other year, we submit to a so-called re-audit to verify that we still comply with the standard. Most recently on 19 January 2021, certification of our services under the ISO 17100 quality standard was re-audited and confirmed.

No fear of new technologies
In the course of the last re-audit, we also submitted to certification to the EN ISO 18587 standard “Post-editing of Machine Translation Output” and passed the same with flying colours. We are responding to a trend in the market that is gaining momentum due to rapid developments in the field of artificial intelligence, and also to our customers’ increasing demand. With this competence – now ISO-certified as well –, we can offer our customers delivery times that would not be possible otherwise, while maintaining the professional quality that our customers have come to expect from us for decades.