Translations from and into many languages, in a wide range of subject areas – that’s our core business.

Three in-house translators as well as our steadily growing pool of freelance colleagues enable us to provide translations in all European languages and (almost) all other languages of the world. We have specialists in a wide range of fields. Certification under ISO 17100 & ISO 18587 guarantees compliance with top standards of quality.

Three competent project managers are at your service, taking care that a suitable translator is found for your translation project. They will do everything required to provide you with a translation of professional quality in the shortest possible time.

Das Team von All Languages

Our approach


Quick translation services – working to tight deadlines is one of our strong points

Rush orders

We are used to dealing with rush orders and large-scale projects reliably, professionally and in keeping with deadlines


We work with an international network of professional translators


We can handle a wide range of file formats


We use state-of-the-art CAT (computer-aided translation) software (memoQ, SDL)


We use an up-to-date communication infrastructure (FTP server upload of large files, customer portal for key accounts)

Languages and specialisms

Thanks to our international network of freelance translators and partner agencies, we are able to offer you translations from and into a great number of languages.

Obviously, there are certain restrictions. For instance, it may be difficult to find a translator working from an Asian language into an African language. However, if there is enough time, almost anything goes! Just get in touch and talk to us!

Most frequently, we work in the following languages:

German Danish Italian Romanian
Albanian Dutch Japanese Russian
Arabic English Korean Serbian
Belorussian Estonian Latvian Slovakian
Bosnian Finnish Lithuanian Slovenian
Bulgarian Flemish Macedonian Spanish
Chinese French Norwegian Swedish
Croatian Greek Polish Turkish
Czech Hungarian Portuguese Ukrainian

Over the course of time, every translator acquires technical knowledge in various areas of expertise. Apart from the language combinations offered by our collaborators, our database also contains the subject areas they specialise in. Based on these data and other criteria, we are able to select a suitable translator for every translation job. This is the only way to provide you with top-quality translation services.

The following are the subject areas that we regularly work in:

  • Law (contracts, GTC, court decisions, arbitral awards, written pleadings …)
  • Business (balance sheets, annual accounts, annual reports …)
  • Finance (offering prospectuses, analyst reports …)
  • Engineering (operating instructions, product specifications, patent documents …)
  • Marketing & advertising (PR texts, brochures, advertising copy …)
  • Medicine & pharmaceuticals (study protocols, SOPs, medicinal product folders, …)
  • Art & media (catalogues, exhibition texts, captions, …)

Other services


Our core business are specialist translations from and into many languages, in a wide range of subject areas.

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Our core business are specialist translations from and into many languages, in a wide range of subject areas.

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Certified translations

We also do certified translations in many languages and fields of expertise!

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Let us take care of your need for interpreting services!

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