Translations in the field of art and culture

Your ISO-certified translation partner also feels at home in the sphere of art & culture

Actually, this is one of our favourites! Some of our customers in this sector have been relying on our services for many years: Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Salzburg Museum, Museums of the City of Vienna, Galerie Artziwna, MAK, Austrian National Library, Salzburg Festival, freelance artists such as Mario Dalpra or C.F.J. König, among others.

Depending on the language and purpose, we translate exhibition texts, catalogue texts, loan agreements, correspondence, artist biographies either in-house or in cooperation with proven external LSPs (native speakers) who care just as much about art & culture as we do.

Professional translations of texts in the field of art & culture – your benefits:

  • University-trained in-house translators and native speakers with years of experience in the field of art & culture
  • Elegant translation solutions for artistic texts
  • Thorough art-historical research
  • Compliance with standard specifications for translation processes
  • Translation specialists with enthusiasm for art & culture in many languages, both internal and external

Examples of texts from the sphere of art & culture that we regularly translate for our customers:

  • Translations projects, some of them multilingual, for major international exhibitions
  • Catalogue texts, object labelling
  • Artist biographies
  • Loan requests, loan agreements
  • subtitles
  • Artist contracts

Art & Culture

You need translations of texts from the field of art & culture?

Ms. Catharina Rauch, one of our in-house translators, has been specialising in translations in arts & culture for some time. She regularly works as a translator and reviser in these subject areas in both English & Italian. We’ll gladly provide customised advice! Our competent project managers will be happy to answer all your questions. We look forward to receiving your request.

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