How we work

The pillars of our success – for over 45 years

It is not by mere chance that our company has proven its worth for almost five decades in the notoriously competitive market for translations and other language services. Ever since our beginnings, we have been guided by the following non-negotiable principles:

  • Strict quality orientation: has determined our work right from the start; since 2009 and 2021 respectively, we are officially certified to ISO 17100 & ISO 18587 – with all that comes with it (use of qualified, university-trained professional translators, dual control principle, use of adequate resources)

  • State-of-the-art specialist translations: From the very beginning, we have always relied on the latest technologies, both in the field of specialist translations (project management software, CAT tools, terminology databases, file conversion, Internet research, translation engines) and in the field of communication with our clients (online translations, FTP server, online request form, customer portal).

  • Team work: We like our work, and we enjoy working together. The people who work in our company, taking care of our customers, are the basis of our success. Everything stands and falls with the members of our team, their skills, their strengths, their service orientation and their ambition to work towards a common goal: to enthuse our customers with professional language services.

  • Fairness: still doesn’t sound trite to us after all these years and has always determined all aspects of what we do. This is perhaps one of the reasons why we maintain long-standing relationships of trust with many customers, external partners and suppliers.