The wonderful diversity of languages

Specialist translations
in over 50 languages of the world

As an ISO-certified language service provider with a history of almost 50 years, we may say that we have a well-established international network of professional translators, language professionals and translation partners. We select our partners with great care and maintain relationships with our translators and language service providers with a view to a mutually satisfying, sustainable cooperation based on mutual trust.

In addition to translating legal, business and medical texts, which we can also provide as judicially certified translations for official purposes, we regularly handle translation projects in the fields of art & culture, marketing & media, plant engineering, logistics and many others.

Do you need a translation? Here are just a few examples of documents or texts that we regularly translate from and into many languages:

  • Contracts
  • Personal documents
  • Legal texts
  • Marketing texts
  • Medical texts
  • Technical documentation
  • Annual reports
  • Financial texts

Languages that we can offer for your translation projects

Professional specialist translations in the following languages (in alphabetical order) – from German/English or into German/English in each case:

Albanian – Arabic – Bosnian – Bulgarian – Chinese – Danish – English – Estonian – Finnish – French – Georgian – Greek – Hebrew – Italian – Japanese – Kazakh – Korean – Croatian – Latvian – Lithuanian – Macedonian – Montenegrin – Dutch – Norwegian – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Swedish – Serbian – Slovak – Slovenian – Spanish – Thai – Czech – Turkish – Ukrainian – Hungarian – Vietnamese


From banking & finance to technology & science, from logistics to marketing to law & business

Over the course of time, every translator acquires technical knowledge in various areas of expertise. Just like the language pairs they offer, we also record the specialisms of our collaborators. Based on these data and several other criteria, we are able to select a suitable translator for every translation job. This is the only way to provide you with top-quality translation services.

The subject areas that we cover most often for your translation projects:

Do you have any questions about the languages we offer?

Our experienced project managers will be happy to answer all your questions. Just get in touch with us – we look forward to receiving your inquiry.

Karin Melzer, Judit Darnyik
T: +43/1/513 91 28

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Which services do you offer in which languages?

Basically, we offer specialist translations, judicially certified translations, interpreting, proofreading/editing in all the languages we cover. Always provided that a suitable (freelance) collaborator is available at the required time. We have extensive capacities in German, English, French, Italian, where we also have permanent in-house staff who both do and revise translations. But we can usually cover all other Central European languages as well, almost all Slavic languages and many Asian languages, owing to our international pool of freelancers and partner agencies all over the world, which has grown over the years. Whether texts in the fields of law, business, finance or marketing, whether chat transcripts, annual reports or offering prospectuses, with or without digitisation/layout optimisation of the source texts – according to our many years of experience, almost anything can be organised.

Who will translate my texts or work on my translation project?

Depending on the language pair, the subject area and the type of source text, it is our task as an ISO-certified language service provider to select appropriately qualified specialist translators and revisers for the relevant translation project. As we have three in-house translators working in English, French and Italian with a wide portfolio of specialisms, many translation projects pass through the hands of these language specialists (Eva Novak, Alice Rabl, Catharina Rauch), either as translators, revisers or post-editors. All projects that we cannot cover internally will be handled in cooperation with mostly long-standing, equally ISO-certified translation partners.